Why businesses need Instagram?


The business arena is getting more and more competitive. With the ongoing consumerism, businesses do have more opportunities, but however, the competition is getting fiercer as well.

Thus, businesses should make most out of the technological tools they have. Social media is one of them. Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media applications and therefore, is being used by millions of businesses for several reasons.

This article will take you through the different reasons why businesses need Instagram.

  1. Potential pool of customers

There are a lot of people of Instagram. As per the recent surveys, there are over 1 Billion people who use Instagram. Out of these, over 37% of them check the Instagram feed several times in a day. This means that Instagram provides businesses the opportunity to connect with this potential pool of customers. Businesses can leverage such market to their advantage. However, in order to do so, it is essential that they are able to attract such engagement through the help of digital marketing agencies. Famoid is one of the best options that one can go for. You can visit Famoid -> https://famoid.com/buy-instagram-video-views/ to get a better idea.

  1. Versatility of the platform

Instagram is very versatile when it comes to results. There are big businesses on Instagram that have harnessed the power of social media to their maximum benefit. This includes brands such as Pepsi and Nike. There are many businesses that have thrived on this social media. Tourism is one of the popular sectors which have benefited a lot. This shows that this social media is very versatile in terms of serving the customers. Whether you are running a small business or a big business, you can attain a lot of benefits through this platform.

  1. Make money directly

Instagram has for a long time introduced an option of commercial posts. This enables the businesses to add tags to various items in the photographs with different links to product description, prices and other relevant details. Shop now feature is available as well which directs the user to the online store. In fact, small businesses are simply posting images of their products and services and making a huge ton of money through the same. A lot of users have also reported that their purchasing decisions are often based on what they see on Instagram.

  1. Better visibility

It can be very difficult for new businesses to maintain visibility in the market. Visibility is very essential. Customers will only be able to connect with the businesses if they are visible to the consumers. Instagram enables businesses to enhance their digital visibility. There are various methods in which this can be done. Using hash tags is one of them. Hash tags are basically key words which can summaries the message that your Instagram post is trying to convey. The companies become more recognizable if the right hash tags are used. Thus, companies should endeavor to have a good hash tag strategy in place.

  1. Customer engagement

It is imperative for any business to engage with customers in an effective manner. Instagram is one of the places wherein you can earn respect by connecting with more people and engaging with them. The more you engage with customer on the Internet, the more your visibility increases. Engagement can be done in many ways. When you get followers, make sure that you like their comments, view their posts and try to connect with them in any possible manner. Create an effective engagement strategy to get as many results as you can.

  1. Keep a watch on competitors

There are millions of businesses on this social media. This makes it important to keep a watch on such competitors. Your competition will certainly be on this social media and for various reasons. You can keep an eye on them to see what they are posting and the frequency of such posts. Check the way they interact with the customers. Brand strategies can be refined as per the information you get regarding the competitors.

  1. Be more creative

This is one of the undermined reasons. Businesses can be more creative with Instagram. Instagram is a highly effective marketing tool. It gives businesses the chance to show to the customers about how creative and innovative they are. They will be able to create a personality of the brand and therefore, attract more customers. Interactive videos, competitions and vivid images can be used to create an attractive Instagram profile. This is all to create an organic following for your account.

  1. Partner with other businesses

Social media already has a lot of businesses. These businesses have access to a lot of customers already. Businesses get an opportunity to connect with other businesses and partner with them in order to get access to a greater pool of customers. In fact, you can also partner with other influencers that can help to enhance the sales and marketing levels of your business. An influencer that is well known can help you get a lot of customers.

  1. Use stories

If you want your business to be more relatable, then you can use Instagram stories. It is an amazing opportunity to communicate to the customers that your business is not only a random startup. A lasting impression can be left to the potential customers with the help of stories. Stories can be used for various purposes such as employee interaction, providing insights into the brand and gives customers an idea on how your business operates.

  1. Track the performance

There are various tools on Instagram which can help businesses to track their performance. This includes social listening and analytics. It enables you to refine the marketing plans. Best practices of business can be monitored using Instagram. With these insights, you can also know what is the best time to post. Thus, if you want to keep a full track of the performance on social media, then Instagram should be used for your business.

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