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Who Won the Battle of Marvel and DC’s Cosmic Gods?

Two of Marvel and DC’s strongest figures faced off Marvel’s Galactus came to the DC world of Apokolips and dealt with the full might of Darkseid.

Despite occupying two separate universes, characters from Marvel and DC have encountered each other plenty of times. This notably includes Darkseid, the nefarious New God of Apokolips, who has battled the likes of Marvel’s Thanos and the Dark Phoenix in the past. However, the New God’s biggest battle against a Marvel character came when he was forced to defend his world, Apokolips, by waging a full-scale war against Galactus.

Now, we’re taking a look back at what happened when Marvel’s Galactus ventured into the DC Universe and fought Darkseid and the forces of Apokolips.

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Darkseid is one of DC’s most powerful forces of evil, a nefarious God of Evil who rules the planet of Apokolips with an iron fist. Seeking to extend his control over all of creation with the help of the Anti-Life Equation, Darkseid has become one of DC’s most prominent and recognizable villains. Meanwhile, Marvel’s Galactus is less overtly evil and much more of a force of nature. As the last survivor of the universe that came before the current one, Galactus is a personification of entropy in the cosmos, consuming worlds to fuel himself and fulfill his role in the galactic order. Both Darkseid and Galactus are unbelievably powerful, capable of shattering entire worlds with their might.

Despite occupying different realities, the two got the chance to confront one another in 1995’s Darkseid vs. Galactus: The Hunger by John Byrne and Rick Taylor. In this world where both exist, the New Gods of New Genesis — the natural foes of Darkseid — receive a message from the Source to hide their planet to avoid being detected by Galactus. However, Apokolips doesn’t do the same before the Silver Surfer could discover the world. While still serving as Galactus’ Herald and guide through the galaxy, the Surfer is quickly assailed by the Parademon armies of Darkseid. However, none of these forces compare the Power Cosmic wielded by the Silver Surfer, with the Surfer eventually summoning his master to the world.

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Darkseid Galactus 1

Upon arriving, Galactus is besieged by the armies of Apokolips, which do nothing to injure or even slow him. Using his powers, Darkseid next forces the planet of Apokolips itself to rise up and attack Galactus, staggering the behemoth Marvel cosmic figure. The Silver Surfer quickly comes to his assistance, helping hasten Galactu’s consumption of the world. But deciding this is a dishonorable thing to merely watch, Orion intervenes and confronts Silver Surfer, putting up a surprisingly strong fight against him. Although Orion is almost taken down by the Surfer, the Surfer has his full memories of his homeworld restored to him, setting him up to eventually one day betray Galactus and forcing Galactus to hide the memories once again.

Galactus confronts Darkseid over the struggle he’s put up against him, and Darkseid — realizing that Galactus is powerful, but not invulnerable — blasts him with his Omega Effect in an attempt to remove him from existence. However, the Omega Effect has no real consequence on Galactus, which allows him to complete the construction of his grand and terrible machine. But when he activates it, Galactus is horrified to realize Apokolips has no life energy left for him to consume. In essence, Darkseid sent armies of his soldiers all to die at Galactus’s hand, and all for nothing. Darkseid argues that he had to do so because it was truly his nature, and that like Galactus, Darkseid cannot stop himself from fulfilling his cosmic purpose.

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Furious, Galactus departs — and notably, Darkseid doesn’t tell him about New Genesis, instead preferring to destroy that world with his own two hands instead of letting Galactus claim the glory of ruining that world.

Darkseid and Galactus going head to head is a fun concept, but their battle makes it obvious just how outclassed this incarnation of Darkseid really is. Galactus is a being capable of bringing down entire worlds with his own power, with entire armies of heroes being forced into battle against him just to stall his destructive hunger. Darkseid, meanwhile, is indeed a singularly powerful being, but he has been countered by the likes of Superman and Orion before.

While other, more powerful versions of Darkseid might have been a greater threat to Galactus, such as the ultra-powerful one introduced in the final moments of Infinite Frontier#0, the Post-Crisis version of Darkseid just couldn’t compare to Marvel’s World-Devourer.

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