What Trends Will Shape the Food Delivery Industry?


swiftheadline.comThe food delivery industry was on a steady rise before the COVID-19. However, the pandemic showed the importance of these services. Panicked shoppers bought groceries, leaving shelves empty. Fortunately, food delivery helps supply food and groceries if you couldn’t keep up with others in the rush of shopping. As things go back to normalcy, what does the future hold for the food delivery industry? Seemingly, the industry isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Get the best trends that will shape the food delivery industry.

More third-party delivery partners

There is a need for more delivery partners due to the increased use of online food delivery. And, online food stores such as iPantry are partnering with more third-party partners. The aim of involving more partners is to enhance efficiency. You will have different options and choose the ones that work well for you. Involving third-party delivery fleets will also expand the online food stores’ reach.

Innovation of new channels you can use to place orders

How many hours do you spend on social media such as Twitter? Probably for quite some time. Online food companies consider this and avail means of ordering via social media. The companies also use smart devices and virtual assistants to ensure a seamless ordering process. Other than the use of social media, there is growth in the use of other technology, like ordering via car. The technology lets you order pizza while driving using your voice via a Visa checkout that you can install on your dashboard.

Increase in ghost kitchens

The Ghost kitchen is another innovation that will change the food delivery industry owing to its efficiency. The term ghost kitchen refers to restaurants that are based online—have no physical location. This item enables the industry players to maximize profit by lowering operating costs and maintaining quality. You can order your food through a mobile application or website, then wait for delivery. This innovation will enable you to get quality food at a pocket-friendly price.

Use of advanced technology in the delivery

Soon you will be receiving your order in a short time as possible. That’s thanks to innovations such as drones and robots to deliver food to your doorstep. AI technology enables food delivery companies to use smart robots to make these deliveries successfully, as witnessed in pilot projects. If you live in places grappling with traffic jams, you shouldn’t fret since drones will beat it and get your order quickly.

Use of cryptocurrency for payment

Accompanying the food delivery innovation is a cryptocurrency. You can now use it as a currency to buy your food online. Online food delivery companies are accepting crypto owing to its popularity and safety. Blockchain technology enables customers to buy using a different mode of payment, hence convenience. Besides that, this trend will reduce fraud and losses to the companies.


Food delivery companies are a blessing that came in time. And since it’s widely accepted, you can expect the trends in this article to continue shaping the industry. Online food delivery companies such as iPantry, which aim to deliver food to your doorstep in time, will adopt these innovations and change your experience for the better.


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