The Process of Selecting The Right Online File Converter That Fulfills All Your Needs


Starting out a new project, with a team overwhelmed by the workload and a deadline lurking on my neck like an axe about to behead us. Individually it was my first experience as a project manager and I was not at all accustomed with the abundance of micro-managing data from all ends. I was all over the place with all the different file converters I had to use for different formats of data. Sometimes I would need to convert graphical data, for example, PSD files, tons of pictures and so on, So I would use a free converter that would fulfill the desired requirement. Other times I’d need to convert word documents to PDF but there would always be a limit to every free online converter either for the file size or the number of times you can use in a day. Ahhhh!!! I couldn’t find a single online file converter that would fulfills every requirement collectively. With everyone working remotely these days communication becomes a little complex and not as descriptive as before, to get 100% results we had to deviate from the Orthodox. I was okay with paying for a file converter but the thing that was stopping me to do so was that I just couldn’t find a single solution to compensate for my entire team.

Features That Allow You to Glide Through Your Daily Tasks

After trying every suggestion and recommendation I was fed up and just went with the flow using any online converter I can find to fulfil a certain need of the moment. Just when I was at the brink of paying for three different file converters, I got a blessed recommendation from an old friend who had been in the game for quite some time, at first, I thought it was going to be like any other experience I’ve had in the past with online file converters, regardless, I made one of the best decisions in my entire career which was of course to give it a try.

The to my surprise was the perfect remedy for my suffering. It was almost like a blessing in disguise, what made me fall in love with it is that it covers the entire team’s needs, plus it’s completely free!. Some key features from the top of my head that helped me individually with my daily tasks were:

  • Provides unlimited number of coverts.
  • No limit for file size whatsoever
  • Completely Free
  • Smooth Interface
  • Instant File Download

Other than all this, It came to my knowledge that it supports 90 formats altogether to convert from. I am impressed how it maintains such a variety of conversions and still runs smoothly throughout the process. With all the experience I had with other unlimited file converters, they all offered unlimited converts if you pay for a monthly/yearly subscription, but that’s not the case here, I get what I am promised. No matter how many files I convert in a day, There’s no limit! And the quality is as good as all the other paid or free online converters. Another thing that I’ve noticed with Online free converters is that they do not work perfectly unless paid for, there always some errors with the converted files that have to fixed manually which is quite hectic for a guy like me, one of the main reasons file converters are being used these days is to save as much time as possible but most Online file converters are failing to do so. has proven to be more efficient and convenient than any other Free file converter I have used in the past, paid or free.

To manage all the documents, graphics, raw data, word or pdf files, etc, felt like I was planning a moon landing at NASA but as soon as I started using this amazing file converter, everything became a piece of cake for me and for my team as well. I didn’t have to worry about wasting time converting files into different formats using twenty different Online Converters Since.

Is it safe?

The million-dollar question that has bombarded my ear drums every time I have recommended any online service to anyone. But Matt “is it safe, tho?”, whenever I hear this question I understand where they are coming from. These Days the online services out there are not as trustworthy. They all seem a little sketchy and there is a reason for that, when it comes to File converters, and for a guy like me who has to run a company dealing with important documents and vital information on a daily basis, has to opt for options that protect and refute the misuse of information. Most free online file converters keep logs of conversions at the backend as a cheaper method to maintain sustainability, but that’s not the case here, manages all the conversions through the browser end, rather than using servers and advertisements that compromise

Concluding Remarks On Behalf Of My Team

In the royalty of words, I would say that even if it required a paid subscription, I would’ve opted for it regardless. In today’s market every software has a limit and a downside to it, finding what suits you best is kind of like spiralling down a rabbit hole for no reason. But at the same time there are softwares like that make your lives easier and provide services as promised.

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