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There are about 20 million students in US colleges and universities and about 15 million students in high school. All of them dream about a relaxing lifestyle and easy classes. Yet the reality is truly the opposite.

A lot of students work on a part-time job to help their families or to be financially independent. They also need to do sports and want to have some time for hanging out with friends. The problem is that their schedule is often overloaded with academic assignments. Whether you are a high school graduate or third-year student, you have a lot of classes and following writing tasks.

It might be very difficult to cope with all of them accurately and devote enough time to other spheres of life. In this case, many students start to think about turning to a professional paper writer online. Fortunately, nowadays, they can find such one easily.

Find the best professional paper writer

So, how to find a good paper writer? You might think of asking about such things from friends or group mates. Yet it is very risky since someone can hear this and tell your tutor. Thus, you will lose your academic reputation.

The best way to find a top essay writer is to search online. At the same time, it might be one of the biggest challenges. Why? There are more than 2000 online writing companies. How to define the most reliable? Where to contact the most professional writer?

We got the answers. The simple answer is – do research. Analyze some research paper writing companies, look for good services on reddit, check experiences, and so on.

We understand that you don’t have enough time and desire to do this. Every student just wants to search for several minutes, place an order and have a rest. That is why we conducted such research and defined the top 5 online writing companies.

The defining factors were:

  • online reputation;
  • prices;
  • security measures;
  • writers’ qualifications;
  • payments safety;
  • experience.

We also analyzed some secondary factors, like free features, discounts, special offers, and so on. All of this information helped us to conduct proper research and define the best writing services with the most qualified writers.

We should say that we haven’t analyzed all the companies that exist on the Web. We have chosen only 50 of the most popular companies and made a list of top-5 among them.

 1. — Best paper writing service overall

We should say that it is not easy to give the “Grand Prix” to a certain writing service, since many companies provide high-quality services and are trustworthy. However, the company surprised us a lot. It can help even students in Mexican universities, with its amazing online reputation and very interesting approach to completing the orders.

They have been leading the market for the last 3 years, but the overall experience is more than 10 years. Before going to their website, try to guess the number of orders they have completed. The answer is more than 15 thousand projects. What is more impressive is that their return rate reached 85%. We decided to check what is so special about this company and placed 5 orders:

  • research paper in Biology for college with 5 days deadline;
  • English argumentative essay for university with a 1-week deadline;
  • urgent Law essay for high school, 6 hours deadline;
  • History dissertation introduction for university 3 days deadline;
  • editing and formatting for college coursework, 1-week deadline.

The outcome is awesome. We didn’t find anything that should be improved. So this was one of the sites where we didn’t check how they work on revisions.

First of all, we should say that they know a secret to deliver all the papers far ahead before the deadline. For example, our urgent essay was delivered within 2 hours, and our English argumentative essay was finished within 3 days.

They also know something about creating unique papers. Their writer sent us plagiarism reports, but we decided to check it ourselves. 5 anti plagiarism services showed the same result – 100% uniqueness. And what is more important about this point is that they don’t use a lot of quotes to enlarge a paper volume.

Also, we should pay special attention to editing tasks. Firstly, it was completed just within 3 days. Secondly, the writer changed some mistakes that we haven’t managed to find in our draft for an order. Thirdly, the writer sent an additional document with suggestions to a topic.

Finally, we were satisfied to communicate with writers and support managers. All of them are very attentive and, what is more important, answer within 5-10 minutes. Support is active 24/7, but an assigned writer (what is obvious) won’t answer you at night since he needs to sleep as well.

Additionally, we were impressed by’s additional features. They were the crucial factors to define this company as top-1 in our list:

  1. Free unlimited revisions. If you want to change something, you can contact your writer directly within 2 weeks after completing the order and ask for a revision.
  2. Good special features. In 2 days after placing an order, we got an e-mail with a special offer, which guaranteed a 10% discount for the next order.
  3. Good support. They are always ready to answer any kind of question. The exception is confidential data. However, they talk about such things very politely.

All in all, we want to conclude that is the most reliable online writing company. If you need an expert writer, you can turn to this service at any time.

 2. — Best essay writers, best bidding platform

Now we go through another company that is full of expert writers. seems very similar to the previous service in terms of policies and expertise. Yet there is one important difference. is not a bidding platform. Let us tell you a bit about it.

A bidding platform is a kind of service where a customer can assign a writer individually. Here, you should share your requirements, set the price, and choose among the proposed writers.

Bidding writing services are very rare on the Web since there are a lot of reviews that they work with freelancers, non-natives, and so on. However, is something different. Some of our subscribers recommended we pay attention to this company since there are a lot of testimonials claiming that this company is the best bidding platform.

So, we went through Reddit and some more forums to confirm this fact. After getting enough information, we placed several orders on this platform.

  1. Research Paper in Chemistry for college, 3 days.
  2. Conclusion to a dissertation in Economics for college, 10 days.
  3. Coursework in Geopolitics for college, editing, 5 days.

Before revealing the results, we want to tell how does a bidding platform works.

  1. You share all of the requirements as on any other website.
  2. Then you should indicate the price that you expect to pay for such a project.
  3. A system will propose at least 10 writers to choose from.
  4. You analyze the writers and assign the most preferred for yourself.

We also want to indicate that they propose you pay “a bit more” and get “Advanced Writer”, who has more relevant experience for your topic. However, we didn’t choose this option since our main goal was to check writers for a minimum price.

Here is the available information about writers:

  • experience in writing;
  • experience in the field of study;
  • degree;
  • specialization;
  • completed orders;
  • satisfaction rate.

This should be enough to make a choice. However, there is an opportunity to ask the support manager for help. If you have any additional information or want to know more about a writer, a manager will help you with your order.

So, the results proved that is the best bidding writing service. We don’t know anything about their advanced writers. However, we know that standard writers are real experts. Asking them for help, you will get high-quality papers created from scratch.

As well as with, we got a plagiarism report. And the same, we decided to check the papers on some other services. All of them showed 100% uniqueness. Moreover, we asked writers to tell the sources that were used to create a paper. They send us the links and names of the books.

The editing task was finished within 2 days. That is quite fast for coursework editing, but we are fully satisfied with the result. The papers were polished, so we might claim that such kind of coursework may become standard for a university. is your way out whenever you are on a limited budget. Spending a minimum, you can still get a high-quality result. — Best for research papers and any type essay writing

 Going through a lot of essay writing services with very professional writers, we came to on the last day of our research. That is why we thought that this company wouldn’t surprise us. Yet they managed to prove the opposite. Spoiler: it is the best company to hire a research paper writer or an essay writer.

As for essays, their writers always ask to provide them with your previous paperworks. It is very important since, in most cases, students represent their own ideas in essays. Thus, the writer should create a text with a similar view. Analyzing your previous essays, writers can create the same tone of voice.

The approach to research papers surprised us a lot. We asked the support manager to tell us a bit about it, and he said that their writers are members of something like private chats and groups for different topics. It is very helpful in creating accurate research papers.

In this case, we decided to check the “special one approach” and ordered a research paper in History for university and set a 1-week deadline. The results are:

  • 100% uniqueness;
  • polished papers with consistent structure;
  • attractive information that is directed to the reader.

However, we were very surprised about such an approach since it seems that an average student shouldn’t have access to private groups. This might discredit a student, and a tutor will find out that the paper was written by somebody else. However, a support manager explained that information from such groups is used only to make data more accurate but not to create whole paragraphs.

The testimonials proved this. No one on the Web claimed that they were caught in using online writing services when they turned to So, if you need something unique and unforgettable for your research paper or essay, turn to this company.

  4. — Best for homework assignments

We know that homework is maybe the most annoying type of assignment for any student. Firstly, you have to spend a lot of time on it every day. Secondly, homeworks are always very similar, so it is boring to cope with them. That is why every student wants to have a writer that will help with homework. might be the best service for such a request.

The first reason is that they have a lot of professional writers for all disciplines. Whether you need help with Chemistry or C++ language, this website can help. At the same time, 80% of their writers hold Ph.D., so you may delegate them even the most challenging tasks.

Secondly, they work with more than 500 writers. This means that they can easily assist you 24/7. What is more important, they can divide the order between several writers if you need urgent assistance.

Thirdly, you can keep calm about your confidentiality. The support manager told us that every member (from C-level managers to writers) signs an NDA, so they can’t disclose any information about orders. Moreover, they use the SSL-encryption, so your payment data is highly protected as well.

Finally, this company has one of the best online reputations. That was one of the defining reasons to put to our top list and separate it from other homework help services.

 5. — Best assignment help service

Here we go to the last service on our list. One of our editors asked: what should a student do if he won’t get the necessary writery on a certain service for a very complex project? The answer is obvious – turn to another company. Yet there are not so many services that can provide a guarantee of terrific results for a complex project.

So, if you are in the same situation, you have to turn to They created a more unique approach to completing challenging orders. Whenever you ask for help, a writer should contact you and ask for more information. They have a list of the most frequent problems that caused customers to ask for a revision. In this case, every writer should follow this list and ask some questions before starting work.

We thought that such a thing was an odd one and needed a customer to spend more time placing an order. Yet, we had to spend only 10 minutes on providing the additional information. As a result, we got amazing papers.

You might hate such an approach and start to search for another company. Yet, before doing this, think once more. Would you rather spend 10 minutes on a simple questionnaire or an hour on analyzing a new company?

 Paper Writing Service: FAQs

It is very interesting that there are a lot of regular customers who still turn to FAQs on the writing services. Moreover, a lot of users discuss some frequent problems on forums, but there are very accurate answers on websites. That is why we decided to create a small FAQ.

  What if I am not satisfied with my paper?

Firstly, you can ask a writer to make revisions. Whenever you don’t like the result of your papers, you can turn to a support manager and ask for money back. They will analyze the situation and make a refund.

  Can turnitin detect essays and research papers bought online?

Of course, Turnitin can detect essays and research papers bought online. However, it can’t detect papers written from scratch by professional writers. That is why we highly recommend using only trustworthy services.

  Will a native English speaker write my paper?

If you turn to one of the services from our top list, you will definitely get a native speaker assigned. However, we can’t guarantee the same if you contact other companies since we didn’t check all of them.

  Will I get caught if I buy an essay or a research paper online?

No. Trustworthy companies have a lot of measures to keep your personal data safe. At the same time, they don’t disclose any information about orders. Thus, you might be caught in using online writing help only if you tell about this yourself.

  Are Essay Writing Services Worth it?

Of course. Whenever you delegate your task to such a service, you get to make a room in your schedule. Thus, you may have a rest, hang out with friends, and so on.

 The Bottom Line

We work a lot on creating this list, and we hope that it will be helpful for you. Stop struggling with boring and annoying tasks. Whenever you feel tired, don’t have time or a desire to cope with academic assignments, delegate it to a professional writer.

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