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Special Birth Announcement Cards 2021

As a new parent, you all get confused about how to choose birth announcement cards. While telling this world that you are blessed with a new bud makes sure that the birth announcement card design includes the basic details. It includes name, birthday, weight, length in inches, time and place where a baby was born, and then the parent’s name.


Along with that, you are all set to add the information that you would like to share with your friends and family. The way that you announce the birth wants to be meaningful and worth. Here comes the latest and trending birth announcement card designs have been provided. Just take a look and then pick the best one that suits your requirements.


Trending birth announcement cards for your baby in 2021


The birth announcement is the new way of spreading the happy message by announcing and celebrating the birth of the newborn. Sending across virtual cards to announce the birth of the new member in the family has to be kept special. This is a trending way of announcing the birth of the child to a look of people in a short time. They can be shared on WhatsApp messages or stories. The template of this card can be serious, funny, simple, and cute. The little one’s birth is important as the family and friends are introduced to the newborn. Here is a list of beautiful birth announcement card for everyone.


This light green design with the crane and reference of the commencement of the baby is a good choice for parents looking for a light, modern and cute detailings of acknowledging the joy it creates on the arrival of the baby. It is a baby announcement card in an appealing light green color.


This sandal shade with paper flowers comes with the option to add a beautiful picture of the baby.  This looks elegant and adds a rich feel to the birth announcement card. An attractive thing about this trending birth announcement card design is that you will be able to print your lovely baby’s picture. It will make the invitees get how beautiful your baby is. That’s why choosing this birth announcement card design is best in many ways.

This is one of the best and adorable designs in birth announcement cards. The soft baby pink design is associated with the motifs of teddy bears, ribbon ties, and toys referring to the beauty of having a girl baby as a new member of the family. It’s simple, pleasant, and appealing. This one is a cute and gorgeous birth announcement card design. Every kiddo love teddy bears right. So, you are all set to go for this baby birth announcement card design with no doubt.

These are the trending as well as the latest birth announcement card design of 2021. You will be able to effortlessly announce that you are blessed with a new bud with the help of these birth announcement card designs with no doubt. So go for any design you want.

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