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Omni-Man’s Most Brutal Battles Are Even More Violent Than the Show

Omni-Man is one of the most violently powerful characters in the Invincible universe as evidenced by these extremely brutal battles.

The battles depicted in Robert Kirkman, Cory Walker and Ryan Ottley’s Invincible series could be brutal and bloody, and it was often Invincible’s father Omni-Man who proved that more often than not. While posing as Earth’s greatest protector, the Viltrumite conqueror came to blows with some of the world’s deadliest fighters in no-holds-barred battles to the finish.

The Amazon series already manages to capture some of that brutality, but in the story that is to come there are many more punches waiting to be thrown. Omni-Man’s most devastating battles show just how the hero became top dog, and if Invincible ever hopes to live up to his reputation he has some mighty big (and bloody) boots to fill.

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Guardians of the Globe

Part of what makes the world of Invincible so exciting is just how big it feels, and a major part of that is the planet’s many heroes. Preeminent among those heroes were the Guardians of the Globe, a Justice League-pastiche of heroes like Red Rush and War Woman who were clearly inspired by the Flash and Wonder Woman. Invincible #7 introduced the heroes’ lineup and established just how powerful they were…before Omni-Man quickly and unceremoniously slaughtered them in the span of a mere two pages.

Although the animated series played the moment out as an extended fight sequence that left Omni-Man near death, the comic played up his massive speed advantage as he decapitated and disemboweled the entire team before they had a chance to react. It would only be later in the series that the power levels of the Guardians was truly explored, and the time-travel story in Invincible #125 showed just how differently the fight may have gone if Omni-Man didn’t press his speed advantage.

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Even the most diehard readers of Invincible may have missed one of Omni-Man’s most brutal battles because it did not take place in the series at all. In keeping with publisher Image’s tradition of freely crossing over between titles at creators’ discretion, Erik Larsen and Cory Hamscher’s Supreme #66 and #67 had its title hero square off against Omni-Man and leave mass destruction in their wake. Both characters were among the most powerful of their respective universes, and though Supreme made mention to the events of Invincible the two were rarely shown coexisting in the same universe.

Fortunately, the one battle that occurred between the two titans was well worth the wait. The two were a near equal match as they went toe-for-toe, splitting skyscrapers in half with their punches and pressing every advantage they could. Supreme’s heat vision gave him a slight upper hand, but it was ultimately unable to do significant damage to Omni-Man. Finally the two met in a climactic clash that left both unconscious in the middle of a crater. Supreme was whisked away and Omni-Man woke up shortly afterwards, making this the only tie to rank among Omni-Man’s best battles.

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Perhaps the most memorable of any of Omni-Man’s fights is his epic showdown against his own son in Invincible #12. Although he destroyed the Guardians of the Globe just a few issues prior, there was never really a chance to see Omni-Man cut loose, and infused throughout the entire sequence is the heart-wrenching dialogue of a son discovering just how monstrous his father really is. More than anything it’s the emotionality that sells it, but that doesn’t mean the action isn’t jaw-dropping.

The very first punch sends Invincible careening through buildings that topple over in his wake. The two smash through pavement and crumple a train car beneath them in their clash and as their battle spans the globe, they crush mountains and trigger violent avalanches. The godly scale of the scene deals with the reality of its casualties for the rest of the series, and at the end of it all Omni-Man appears to be physically undamaged. It’s his integrity that takes the biggest hit, and the fight proves to be a central turning point for the character.

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In the wake of his moral crisis that left his son nearly beaten to death and Earth mourning thousands of casualties, Omni-Man fled to a distant planet to sort through his dilemma. He arrived on Earth as a conqueror for the Viltrumites, but the aliens saw the abandonment of his post as a betrayal. Expecting their retribution Omni-Man called his son into space to assist him in fighting them off, but it turned out that Omni-Man himself would have to wage most of the battle on his own.

The Viltrumites sent three fighters to take Omni-Man down, and the young Invincible could do little more than run away and try to hold out against any member he squared off against. Just punching them hurt his fists, so it was up to his father to do the lion’s share of the work. Omni-Man fought valiantly against the Viltrumites, seemingly killing one before taking on the other two simultaneously. Though he just barely beat those two, the first returned with a deadly attack that broke Omni-Man’s spine and incapacitated him. It was the perfect fight to show Invincible just how much he needed to grow to be the hero his world needed.

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Not only was Omni-Man the most powerful man on Earth, but he seemed to be the most powerful Viltrumite until Invincible #76 proved otherwise. After his fight with multiple Viltrumites at once it seemed like nobody could compete with Omni-Man’s power until Thragg established himself as the real big bad of the series. Serving the ruling regent of the Viltrumite Empire Thragg earned his top spot by being the fastest, the strongest, and the deadliest. And in all three fights with Omni-Man he proved that there was no question about his dominance.

In their very first fight Thragg punched his arm through Omni-Man’s chest, and when they had a one-on-one battle in Invincible #102 he beat Omni-Man so bad that Invincible’s father started literally falling apart. And yet somehow none of that could compare to their final showdown in #138 when Thragg very nearly killed Omni-Man by ripping him in half. As powerful as Omni-Man was he couldn’t hold a candle to Thragg, who ultimately gave him the most brutal fight of his life.

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