Navigating The Future with Vacation Rental Automation Trends 


The vacation rental industry has grown at a rapid rate, and vacation rental technology has played a pivotal role in its development. Online rental platforms such as Airbnb have become hugely popular and more people are beginning to invest in property. 

With an increase in rental properties, and more property managers and hosts, we’ve seen a rise in the demand for state-of-the-art vacation rental software for automation. Successful guests use vacation rental automation and vacation rental apps to manage their rental business so that they can get on with marketing and making a profit.

Why Automate Your Vacation Rental Management? 

When you manage a short-term rental, you’re never short of things to do! As a property manager, you’re responsible for communicating with guests and dealing with bookings. You also have to write reviews and organize cleaning schedules. 

All of this takes time, and that’s where vacation rental software comes in handy. You can use vacation rental automation to successfully streamline operations and manage multiple properties. 

Listing Properties with Multiple OTAs

Rental sites like Airbnb prove useful when you’re marketing a rental, but there’s no need to stick to one platform. You can maximize exposure, and your occupancy rates, by listing with multiple online travel agents. However, it can be tricky to keep track of your rentals across a number of booking websites. 

Thankfully, hosts can use vacation rental automation to help with this. Installing software that incorporates a vacation rental channel manager will enable you to synchronize reservations across multiple platforms. Hosts can integrate properties and sync data. They can also successfully oversee day-to-day tasks, and manage booking calendars. 

Using Vacation Rental Software to Scale Your Business

Hosts need to communicate effectively and efficiently with guests right from the start. If you miss messages or take too long to respond, guests might look for an alternative rental. 

Disgruntled guests also have a habit of leaving poor feedback – not helpful when you’re trying to build your business. However, when you’re managing several rentals, guest communication can prove challenging. Vacation rental software can simplify the process, allowing you to access accounts and messages from a single inbox and also automate your communication with guests. 

You can also create message templates, such as a guest review template to use repeatedly. This means you won’t have to create a new document for each guest, saving you time. If you leave feedback for a guest, they are more likely to leave feedback for you, and positive reviews will help you to move up the search rankings. 

As a host, you will also need to organize an effective cleaning and maintenance schedule. Again, this takes time and effort. Vacation rental automation can speed things up. You can timetable cleaning and maintenance, contact and notify team members, and allocate tasks. 

Contactless Check-In

Nowadays, contactless, digital check-in is common. Especially in light of the recent pandemic. Key management automation and smart locks are examples of the many vacation rental technology solutions available to make life easier and safer for hosts and guests. Now you don’t have to wait around for guests to arrive, and you can set up a notification so you know when your guests have checked out. 

Market Research, Data Insights, and Intelligence Tools 

Stay ahead of your competition by monitoring vacation rental trends. Vacation rental automation allows users to analyze data. You can scrutinize revenue, cleaning fees, taxes, management fees, etc to make informed business decisions.

Compile useful financial reports and gain an insight into income versus spending. You can also use the data to assess performance e.g., to work out how many cleaning tasks are carried out each month. 

Using Dynamic Pricing Tools and Automated Bookkeeping 

You can also use vacation rental automation to adjust prices in line with supply and demand. During quiet periods you can set your price to automatically reduce, this could attract guests and increase bookings. 

Nowadays, technology in vacation rentals is advanced enough to enable you to control your earnings via automated bookkeeping. Busy hosts sometimes find it difficult to stay on top of the accounting for vacation rental properties. You can use automated tools to help keep track of vacation rental payments and keep accurate records.  

Go the Extra Mile for Guests with Smart Devices 

If you want to wow your guests, go all out with home automation for vacation rental properties. We’ve mentioned contactless check-in via smart locks, but you can also install smart utilities to enhance the guest experience (and reduce utility costs).  

A smart thermostat can be used to regulate heating, you can sync it to your guests’ check-in and out so you heat your property only when it is needed. 

Smart lights are also effective. Not only are they good fun for guests, but hosts can also remotely turn off lights when they are not required. You can also invest in Wi-Fi boosters – great if you want to attract business people who need a place to work or families with easily bored teens!

Is Vacation Rental Automation for Me? 

Complete vacation rental home automation can feel daunting – a bit like you’re handing over your business for someone else to manage! However, you are still in control. 

You access everything from one handy dashboard and get to see exactly what’s happening with your business. It’s about working smarter, rather than working harder. 

Use vacation rental automation to streamline day-to-day operations and tasks. You can then focus your time and attention on developing your business. With the right tools, you can create a 5-star guest experience, maximize occupancy, and help your vacation rental business reach its full potential. 

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