Is hospitality management a good career


 Hospitality and tourism are among the most prominent industry in the world that offers various job roles and exciting career scope. This dynamic field is a far cry from the regular 9 to 5 shifts of regular jobs. Additionally, it gives an individual an opportunity to enjoy tremendous success, both professionally and personally.

Students looking to join this sector can enroll in an accredited BA Tourism and hospitality management from a reputed college. This will allow them to gain all the relevant knowledge needed to obtain a well-paying job and enjoy a good career progression.

Growth in this sector 

According to Hospitality Europe, there were 1.6 million new jobs created in the hospitality industry in the years, 2013-2016. While a temporary halt was brought by the sudden pandemic in 2020, the industry bounced back in no time. Some new technological tools and innovations were applied to the sector as well to ensure all kinds of safety and hygiene concerns.

As a result, the hospitality sector has once again started to see good growth Mobility Foresights predicts that by 2024, this industry will reach a revenue of EUR 34.5 Billion.

Hotels have once again ramped up their business and people are keen to travel and check out new places. Local tourism is getting heavily promoted to ensure that hotels and restaurants in the local place are able to make up for the losses incurred during COVID-19. In such a scenario, growth prospects are immense in this field, and students who enroll in a hospitality program will be able to adjust to this sector in the new normal.

Rewarding career choice 

While everyone can choose to be a part of the hospitality industry, those who enjoy a dynamic environment with new challenges are made for this sector. The best part about this field is that you can choose to work in any part of the world as there are global opportunities in this field.

There are several career paths to choose from in this field as well depending on one’s preference. You can choose to work at the front desk or you can even be a chef or a marketing manager in a hotel. There is a variety of job options to select from where you develop your skills and progress towards higher job roles. For example, someone with a hotel management degree who likes cooking can work as a trainee chef and then move to a managerial position as a head chef.

An exciting world of creativity 

Unlike a regular job shift where job responsibilities remain constant, hospitality offers you something new each day. Those who have a knack to interact and get to know new people will enjoy this field immensely as they will get to engage with different customers on a daily basis.

Also, as a people-oriented industry, this field offers a lot of room for creativity where you are required to come up with new ideas each day. Be it troubleshooting problems with customers, implementing interesting themes for guests, or adding something new to the food menu, the hospitality industry is all about new and interesting ideas to keep customers happy.

If you have the right zest to be a part of this sector then you need to enroll in a good hospitality management program that equips you with the right expertise for this profession!

This article is written by Nandita Kaushal.

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