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How to Make and Print Voided Checks 

Writing out paper checks passed into oblivion. People manage their financial workflow online and more often opt for electronic checks. There are 55% of people in the United States that prefer to pay bills online. The number of Americans that are paid via physical paycheck decreases from year to year and the tendency of being paid via direct deposit has reached up to 93% during recent years. 

These and not only types of transactions show one and very simple financial skill that Americans master easily which is called a voided check. However, some people still cannot avoid a check online. 

What is a Voided Check?

Poor financial literacy of many people results in the lack of basic financial knowledge. To fix this they need to improve themselves and easily manage their financial routine. 

So, a voided check looks like an ordinary check but with a specific word on it. It is highly important to write the word “void” across the check. Such tagging prevents anyone from filling out your check and using it to be paid. Voiding a check plays an important role for so long as there is a necessity for personal use, scheduling electronic payments, and for all types of business that are paid electronically through automatic payments.

How to Make a Voided Check?

To void a check, follow several simple steps:

  1. Get a black or blue pen.
  2. Write “VOID” across the front of your check-in in large letters. The second way is to write “VOID” in small letters on the amount box, dateline, signature line, amount line, and payee line of your check.
  3. It is highly recommended to make a copy of your voided check and note the check number to keep one in your register. 
  4. Note. It is strongly recommended to not cover the bank account and routing numbers you can see at the bottom of your check. These numbers are important for identifying your bank account in case of receiving or sending payments. 

Such “voided checks” cannot be used to make payments.

Why Void a Check?

Besides the above-mentioned reasons, there are several others. Here are the most common situations due to which you may know how to avoid a check correctly. 

  1. Regular bill payments. You may need to pay a car loan, mortgage, or any other important bills online. In such a case to schedule your payments from your checking account you can submit your voided check. 
  2. Setting up direct payments. If you run a business or need to schedule your important electronic payments for personal use you may need to void a check. Many people run businesses in which vendors prefer to be paid electronically. In such a case voiding a check may be used for setting up automatic payments. 
  3. Direct deposits. To be paid faster as employees, people use direct deposit. However, the employer may need certain information from you to get it started. Your employer may need your bank routing number and your bank account number as well. In this case, to provide all needed details your voided check becomes the simplest way. 

Note. The voided check can protect your money from being transferred by mistake. For example, in a case of writing a wrong amount of money you have to void the check to cancel it from cashing or depositing to the company or a person you work with. 

Also, you will not be able to void a check once you send it to the payee. There is only one way out at that point to send a request to stop the payment from your bank. Only such a method will stop cashing or depositing your check. However, such an inconsiderate act may involve a fee.  

Printing a Voided Check

Now you know more about a voided check and the circumstances in which you may apply for using it. However, this is not all you might need. Often people need to print their voided checks. Several methods can help you to print your voided check. 

How can you print a void check copy? If you use an online banking service it will take a few seconds. You need to search, select and open your check. Click print a check and follow the process. However, depending on the online banking you use or specialized online paid services the methods of printing can vary. 

Printing your voided check is important if you need to save a physical copy of your check. In the case of applying to your bank, you can enjoy the benefits of direct deposit if you still don’t have paper checks. To get a voided check printed visit your bank and ask a teller to print it. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see now voided check plays a significant role in many cases regarding business and personal payments. Being able to work with essential tools that offer online banking and online pay stub services for monitoring your financial routine can improve your knowledge and the level of your life.

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