History and evolution of educational approaches


Everything changes with time. The techniques and approaches used before in history changed with time and the thinking of the people. The biggest change in the life of the people is because of technology. Technology had changed everything.

Education is the process of giving knowledge, information and facilitating learning. Education is the right of every child. The approaches to education also change with time. If we compare the modern educational approaches with the past approaches, we saw how the educational system is evaluated.

History and evolution of educational approaches:


If we look at the history that in the ancient times between 3000 to 1500 BCE Egypt and the civilizations of Mesopotamia have ruled the world as the center of great knowledge. But after some time, people realized that it is impossible to transfer knowledge to the next generations orally, so the classroom concept begins from here.

Educational approaches of different civilizations:

In Egypt, the educational system was in the hands of the elite class of Egyptian priests. In formal schools, practical subjects like medicine, science, geometry, and mathematics were taught. But the vocational training like engineering or architecture was not part of education or formal schools. At that time, children were entered into the schools at the age of 5, and they were taught reading and writing for several years. At the age of 13 or 14 the practical education was being taught.

Every civilization and culture adopt different approaches to education. The approach which ancient Chinese used was educating children about moral character. Moral education was given a priority and primary importance. Maya had a highly religious culture. The priesthood influenced them. One of the features of Mayan education was character training. The Hindu traditional approach of education was memorizing Veda with the right pronunciation.

Evolution in educational approaches:

Different civilizations adopted different approaches as per their culture, influences, and time. There was a time when only religious education was thought of as part of education. Then theoretical and practical education was taught in the schools, but education was restricted to the classrooms or within schools’ boundaries till a very long period of time. A time came when these schools expanded into colleges and then in universities. But as time passes and technology started influencing the educational system, the approaches of education also changes. The dramatic evolution the education began in the 17th century. Some modern approaches to education are:

Hands-on learning:

The approach which teachers use in modern times is hands-on training. In this approach, students are given more and more practical work. All the theories they studied within the classroom are practiced by these activities. They learn the real-world solutions to their problems through hands-on training.

Online education:

In past decades, education could only be provided in the school, college, or university. But online education denied these thoughts. Online education is an educational approach where the teacher teaches online rather than teaching in a traditional classroom. They can see and talk to each other. Online education got more hype last year during the pandemic. The initiative of online courses and diplomas also seeks the attention of the people. This online approach is a blessing for a lot of people. Those who are interested in learning from home get the benefits of online education.

Blended learning:

The teachers also appreciate the blended learning approach. Blended learning is the approach where classroom learning and online learning are combined. Along with the traditional classroom sessions, teachers interact with the students via technology for educational purposes. This blended learning is helpful for both teachers and students. It saves time as well as they are cost-efficient. This blended learning approach is also known as hybrid teaching.

Technology and classroom:

Now the technology has become an important part of the classrooms. For effective and easy learning, technology is being used in almost every learning process. Everyone especially students is familiar with the technology to find it easier to learn through these means. These technology tools enrich the learning process.

Internet and education:

The process of learning and education right now is incomplete without the internet. The internet has also made things easier and information accessible to all. Every kind of knowledge and information can be accessed through the internet. Another approach that students like most are the essay and law essay writing service UK. These services offer their services and help for the students who find it difficult to complete those assignments and work.

Career-oriented approach:

The next approach is career-oriented. In this approach, the students are taught how to behave in different situations they might face in practical life. Even the students have started giving preference to the institutions which are teaching with a career-oriented approach. This approach is the need of time. The objective of this approach is to prepare the students for directly working in the corporates world.

Developing Critical thinking:

In the present times, one of the objectives of education is to develop critical thinking skills among the students. The time is over where the statement of the experts was believed blindly and was trusted by everyone. Now everyone observes, thinks, and presents their perspective about anything. They are encouraged to ask questions. Critical thinking develops a better understanding.

The approaches to education have completely changed from the past, and they are still changing as the fashion trend changes after a certain time period same as the learning approaches change with time. Every generation is taught differently because the world also changes with time. But the thing is that the objective and aim behind every new approach is better understanding and learning the students. Sometimes teachers use visuals or videos to explain any concept or time they taught it through activities. Learning and information is the main target.

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