Documents From Car Crashes to Have When Meeting Your Lawyer


Have you recently been in a car crash but are unsure where to start on your claim?

After an accident, the documents you share with your attorney are key. That’s because they help support your story and can even be instrumental in getting the right settlement offer in your insurance claim or lawsuit.

The documents from car crashes will help you strengthen your position. But what documents do you need, and where can you get them? Below is a list of records from car crashes that are essential to any personal injury lawsuit:

A Copy of the Police Report

After the accident, if an officer is present at the accident scene, they will likely write a report of the accident. The police report includes crucial information that will help with your personal injury lawsuit or insurance claim. It will state whether the at-fault driver violated any traffic rules, the officer’s observations, and the potential cause of the crash.

This is why the report is very crucial to your case. To get the police report, ensure you contact the law enforcement agency that responded to your call. Give them the name or badge number of the responding officer, the location and dates of the accidents, and the full names of the drivers involved.

Your Medical Records

Most car crashes that happen in the U.S. aren’t severe. However, it’s still imperative to visit the ER immediately after the collision to rule out serious injuries. But if you sustained any car crash injuries, ensure you have a copy of the billing information and medical records related to your treatment.

Collect all the medical reports from every doctor’s office you visited after the crash and share them with your attorney. These records should include the treatment you received, prescribed medication, the diagnoses of the medical practitioner, and any additional specialized treatment recommended. You can call or email your medical practitioner for this information.

Photos and Videos of the Accident

After any car accident, most people take photos and videos documenting the resulting property damage. Taking pictures is essential if you will be filing a claim with the at-fault party’s insurance. Remember to give your attorney all the videos and photo evidence you have of the crash site.

But if you don’t have any pictures, but you believe someone else does, inform your car accident lawyer so that they can retrieve the evidence on your behalf.

List of Witnesses

During a car crash, there are likely some people who witnessed what happened. Statements from witnesses are key if you want to back your story and prove that the other party was at fault. If you collected the contact information of any witnesses at the crash site, ensure you share this information with your attorney.

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Documents From Car Crashes: Now You Know What You Will Need

Are you ready to file your car crash case? There are many documents from car crashes that could help your attorney win the case. These documents include a police report, contact information of witnesses, videos and photos of the collision, and your medical records.

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