7 Easy Tips for Making the Bedroom Eco-friendly


Charity begins at home and an eco-friendly lifestyle starts from the bedroom. Wondering where to start? We have got you covered. Follow these seven simple tips to make your bedroom eco-friendly and you will be surprised to see the impact. Let us have a look.

1. Add House Plants

House plants are not only pretty decor items that make your home beautiful, they also enhance the quality of air by removing harmful toxins. They are a source of fresh air which is very important for your health. So make sure to add several small house plants in your bedroom that will not only add a little greenery to your room but also improve the atmosphere of the room.

2. Swap the Old Bulbs with LED

The traditional incandescent bulbs are not only more expensive but need more power to light your bedroom. They generate alot of heat that further increases the problem of global warming. Switching to modern LEDs is both cost-effective as well well a healthier choice. These bulbs are durable and brighten up your room very nicely.

3. Choose Eco-friendly Flooring

Flooring is a once in a long term change, however, it can have a big impact if your choice is not eco-friendly. The most ideal choice is a parquet floor. It is durable, made from renewable resources, and completely organic. If you don’t like parquet, you can prefer natural wood in place of synthetic laminate. When choosing the wood, choose a sustainable tree like bamboo.

4. Say Yes to Organic Bedding

Bedding is one of the most important yet neglected parts of the bedroom when it comes to eco-friendly living. People have long been using the traditional cotton bed sheets that waste a lot of water and other resources in their production. You can instead switch to more organic bedding made up of bamboo, hemp, etc. Along with using organic bedding, you should also use an eco-friendly topper. MFMT has a range of mattress toppers that are both eco-friendly and very comfortable.

5. Only Use Non-Toxic Paint

People, in general, are not bothered by the toxicity of the paint while making a choice. However, a matter of fact is that toxic paints can have serious effects on your health and the environment. This fact is supported by various researches. One report by WHO suggests that professional decorators have a 40% more chance of contracting cancer because of their long exposure to toxic paints. Hence, it is very important to go for only eco-friendly paints that have no VOC.

6. Use Recycled Furniture

Second-hand and recycled furniture is a great way of reducing your expenses as well as your carbon footprint. When you use a recycled or a second-hand furniture item, you save the earth from waste and also help in the conservation of resources that would be required to make a fresh piece. Apart from these benefits, vintage furniture can lend a very aesthetic and modern appeal to your bedroom.

7. Embellish Your with Sustainable Designs

While a modern design will make your room beautiful, a sustainable one can make the earth beautiful. Rooms that are designed sustainably are capable of self-regulating the temperature. This considerably minimises the need to install heavy heating and cooling equipment that consume alot of energy. Have huge windows in the room for good light so that you can reduce the dependence on artificial lights.

With these tips, you are all set to make a considerable impact on the environment. As you start on this journey of an eco-friendly lifestyle, do not forget to share these tips with your close ones to improve the collective impact.

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