7 Clear Signs It’s Time to Buy a New Car


If you want to save money on transportation expenses, the smart thing is to keep your car for as long as possible. However, automobiles have their life cycle just like anything else. Eventually, you’ll reach a point in your car’s life where the cost of maintenance and constant repairs is more expensive than the price of a new vehicle. At that point, it’s time to kiss your old cruiser goodbye.

Before you buy

Before buying a new car, weigh the pros and cons of doing it in person or online. When you shop in person, you are limited to the choices at the dealership, and you might fall prey to pushy salespeople or lousy financing deals. On the other hand, you can shop from any locality when you buy a car online.


When you make an online car purchase, you’ll need to schedule auto transport from Texas or another neighboring state if the goal is to slide behind the wheel of your new ride. Before booking a shipment, be sure to screen your auto transport provider of choice meticulously. Otherwise your brand-new vehicle may arrive with dents, dings, and scratches that deprecate value and sour the new car experience.

Your automobile is in the shop more than on the road

A clear sign that it’s time for a new car is if you’re never able to drive your vehicle. When you spend more time in the shop than on the road, it’s time to trade it for something new. The point of owning a car is driving it–if you can’t use the old one, then it’s time to trade it in for something more reliable.

Your fuel economy isn’t economical

As cars age, they lose fuel economy. When the fuel economy drops off, your car becomes a detriment to the environment. Newer cars have better fuel economy because emissions standards have changed. Burning excess oil and using too much gas doesn’t help your wallet or the planet. If you’ve got an old gas guzzler, it may be time to consider something more efficient.

Parts are becoming hard to find

When your car becomes so old that you can’t find parts for it, that’s a sure sign that you need something newer. If you’re struggling to find parts, you’re probably paying way too much for them. With a new car, you can enjoy a warranty and know that you won’t be relying on sketchy aftermarket parts.

Your vehicle isn’t safe anymore

Another sign that it’s time for a new car is if you no longer feel safe in your old one. The signs could include too much duct tape or too many accidents. Whatever problems your vehicle has, there will come the point where it no longer feels safe.

The parts are worth more than the car

Many people will sell their old cars when the individual parts are worth more than the car as a whole. Salvage yards often pay big bucks for cars with valuable parts, especially when dealerships and private parties aren’t.

Your vehicle no longer fits your needs

When your car no longer fits your driving needs, it’s time to invest in a new one. If you’ve got a family, you might need a larger car. If your community has emissions standards, it’s essential to have one that passes. Whatever the reason, if you need a new one, get a new one.

You want a new one

A perfectly good reason to buy a new car is that you want one. If you’ve been looking for excuses to buy a new car, that could mean that you’re emotionally ready to invest in a new ride.

Wrap up

Buying a new car can be exciting and stressful. Many people wait until they need a new car, and several signs show them the time has come.

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